Soup of The Day(LV) 14000T
(Chef’s Soup)
Veggie Kebab(V) 29500T
(Tofu, Vegetables, Special Sauce)
Tofu Roll(V) 25500T
(Yufka dough, Vegetables, Tofu cheese. Special Sauce)
Vegetable Dish(V) 25000T
Melanzana Parmesan(LV) 26000T
(Eggplant, Tomato, Parmesan, Basil, Olive Oil )
Valaprata Bread(LV) 21500T
(Special Dough, Vegetable Puree, Parsley, Special Cheese, Hot Souce)
Pacura(V) 21500T
(Fried Cauliflower)
Mirza Ghasemi(OV) 22000T
(Mirza Ghasemi, Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))
Halim Bademjan(LV) 22000T
(Halim Baemjan, Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))

Ananda Special Salad(V) 30500T
(French Lettuce, Iceberg Lettuce, Special Cheese, Olive, Caper, Date Chips, Walnut, Cherry Tomato, Special Sauce,…)
Garden Salad(LV) 29500T
(Sprout, Spinach,Cucumber, Carrot, Peanut. Blue Cheese, Smoked cheese)
Beans Salad(LO) 26500T
(Beans, Celery, Green Pepper, Dropped Egg, Potato, Green Onion, Parmesan)
Avocado Salad(V) 38500T
(Avocado, spinach, cucumber, radish, springonion, cherry, tomato, special souce)
Zucchini Salad(LV) 25000T
(Lettuce, Cucumber, Zucchini, Walnut, Dill, Olive)
Salad of The Day(LV) 14500T

Main Course (Iranian)
Ananda Tray(LV) 49500T
(Rice, Veggie Stew, Soup, Salad, Dessert, Pakora, Slice of pizza, Natural drink, Ayurvedic Tea & Biscuit)
Rice & Veggie Stew of The Day(LV) 19000T
Rice of The Day(LV) 19500T
(Rice of The Day, Greens(Sabzi Khordan)), Curd Cheese Steak)
Veggie/Rice Ball(OV) 28500T
(Veggie/Rice Ball, Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))
Stuffed(V) 29500T
(Stuffed Green Pepper or Eggplant, Cabbage,Grape Leaves,Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))
Stuffed Eggplant or Bell Pepper(V) 28500T
(Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))
Stuffed Grape Leaves(V) 28500T
(Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))
Stuffed Cabbage(V) 28500T
(Traditional Bread, Greens(Sabzi Khordan))

Main Course (International)
Sushi(V) 30000T
Ananda Lasagna(LV) 29500T
(Olive, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Soy, Cheese)
Spinach Lasagna(LV) 29500T
(Spinnach, Olive, Green Pepper, Cheeses)
Ananda Calzone(LV) 29500T
(Corn, Mushroom, Celery, Squash, Carrot, Cream, Cheese)
Spinach Calzone(LV) 29500T
(Spinach, Olive, Green Pepper, Cream, Cheese)
Spagghetti Ananda(V) 30000T
(Bell Paoper, Cherry tomato, Broccoli, Fresh basil, Olive Oil)
Spagghetti Bolognese(V) 30000T
(Soy, Bell Pepper, Mushroom, Tomato)
Cannelloni Pasta(LV) 31500T
(Eggplant, Olive, Mushroom, Tomato, Green Pepper, Cheese, Basil)
Conchiglioni Pasta(LV) 30500T
(Spinach, Special Sauce)
Pasta Penne(LV) 29500T
(Penne Rigate, White Mushroom, Special Sauce)

Ananda(LV) 29500T
(Mushroom, Corn, Tomato, Olive, Green Pepper, Soy, Blue Cheese, Cheese Pizza)
Eggplant & olive(LV) 29000T
(Eggplant, Olive, Mushroom)
Vegetables & Cream(LV) 28500T
(Cream, Celery, Squash, carrot, …)
Mushroom(LV) 25500T
(Mushroom, Green Pepper)
Pepperoni(LV) 28500T
(Veggie pepperoni, Basil, Mushroom, Tomato)
Spinach(LV) 27500T
(Spinach, Mushroom, Tomato)
Margherita(LV) 23500T
(Fresh Basil, Tomato)
Cheese(LV) 22000T
(Special sauce, Cheese)
Special Cutlets(OV) 22500T
(Cutlets, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickled Cucumbers, Special Sauce, Whole wheat bread)
Cocktail Sausage(V) 23500T
(Sausage, French Fries, Onion, Tomato,… , Whole wheat bread)
Green Cutlets(OV) 21500T
(Green Cutlets, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickled Cucumbers, Special Sauce, Whole wheat bread)
Special Olive(V) 7700T
Yogurt of the day(LV) 9000T
Pickle(V) 3300T
Greens (Sabzi Khordan)(V) 4400T
Dessert(LV) 8800T